Breaks & Storage

ALL students are expected to be in class on both the first and last day of each semester. Please plan any travel accordingly. Review information on traveling on an F-1 visa and the SGA Airport Shuttle schedule before booking break travel plans.

Students wishing to stay on campus during breaks must complete the appropriate break housing application. Contact Residence Life for the required paperwork.

Storage Over Summer Break

Housing assignments change every year, and students are not allowed to leave belongings in a campus residence hall over the summer break. There are a few different options for storing belongings before returning in the Fall.

Celina Storage

Celina Storage has partnered with The College of Wooster to provide storage services for students.

  • On-Campus Pick-up: There are several dates that will be set for collecting and returning items – these dates will be sent out via email in March or April 2019.
  • Flexible Options: Students can store items through Celina for the summer and/or during your time studying abroad. If you store with Celina and end up not returning to The College, they will coordinate with you to have your items shipped to your desired location.
  • Security & Protection: Any items stored with Celina will be placed in trailers within a temperature-controlled warehouse.
  • Insurance Options: Celina provides a basic insurance for items stored, and additional insurance can be purchased as necessary.
  • Payment Options: If you choose this option, you will sign up directly with Celina. A form will be added to this web page by April 2019. Celina accepts Venmo, credit card, cash, or check.


There are a number of self-storage facilities in Wooster that lease out storage units. Look online for names and phone numbers of facilities in the area.

Note for those with Host Families: It is NOT the responsibility of your host family to store your belongings. IF you are lucky enough to have the option to store things with them, be VERY polite. Ask them far in advance, do the manual labor yourself, do not leave your things there for an extended period of time, and give them a huge THANK YOU (perhaps a nice gift from home) for their willingness to support you.