Alternative Assessments

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Whether you’re looking for a new way to reach your students, want to help them build real-world skills for life beyond the classroom, just want to mix up your assignment schedule a little, or want to be able to answer the question “When am I going to use this?” you’re probably looking for an alternative assessment to get you going.

  1. Traditional Assessments
    1. What is a traditional Assessment?
    2. Why do they fail?
      1. student ingenuity
      2. 3rd party sites like chegg and quizlet
    3. Solutions that aren’t solutions
      1. SEB
      2. Proctored exams
      3. strict rules
    4. Traditional Assessments with a Twist
      1. Cheat safe exam – let them cheat!
      2. Rephrase and replicate
      3. Student generated exam – make them do the work for you!
  2. Other Types of Assignments
    1. Digital Storytelling
    2. Podcasting/Audio Assignments
    3. Social media
    4. WikiEdu
  3. Personalized Classroom Experience
    1. By Topic
      1. Students get to choose their topics
      2. Type of assignment stays the same
    2. By Assignment
      1. Students get to choose their turn in
      2. Topic stays the same
    3. Personalize by both
      1. Mix-n-match throughout your course, you make the rules!
  4. Gamification
    1. Gamified Assignment
      1. Digital Escape rooms
      2. simulations
      3. adjacent: Find a game in a topic
    2. Gamified Module
      1. make it game week
    3. Whole Course Layout
      1. storyboarding
      2. badges
      3. make it optional?