Category: STA Reflection

  • ChatGPT: A Student Perspective

    Technology continues to break barriers and among the upcoming trends, ChatGPT is the new technological showstopper! ChatGPT uses natural language processing to emulate human speech in response to prompts. It has a variety of features from generating stories to brainstorming ideas and answering questions. While ChatGPT is known by many through social media or heard […]

  • STA Reflection – Nghi

    After 3 years working as an STA, I can feel that I have grown significantly. I got to learn so many new skills I did not expect to before signing up for the job. STA, along with Ed Tech, form a great community, where not only are we colleagues, but we are also great companions, […]

  • STA Reflection – Jessica

    Hello, my name is Jessica and I’m one of the STA’s for Education Technology. As an STA, we assist with digital projects, create posts for Instagram, help with Independent Study formatting, and create blog posts to upload on Technology@Wooster’s website. We also learn and engage with emerging technologies such as Adobe, 3d software, and create […]

  • STA Reflection – Aubry

    Being a Student Technology Assistant is one of my favorite jobs I’ve ever had. I’ve learned so much about various software programs throughout my time as an STA and also troubleshooting student’s technology issues. Whether it be helping students with Microsoft Word or hosting workshops, I enjoy assisting students and learning more about technologies and […]

  • STA Time Reflection – Minh

    An STA position has led to several firsts in my post-high-school chapter. As a faithful lover of visual communication and Adobe Photoshop, applying for the Digital Media Assistant position has been my first on-campus job (even first on-campus activity). After being accepted to the job, it is also my first time obtaining an SSN to […]

  • STA Reflection – Pavithra

    Learning about new technologies and exploring things I haven’t had a chance to do before is one of my favorite things. I really appreciate the opportunity to do this as a part of my job as an STA. Being an STA has allowed me to put my creative and organization skills to work. I have […]