Category: Future

  • Unity Workshop

    In this beginner-friendly workshop, you will learn some fundamental concepts in game design and development as well as how to create a working 2D platformer game using Unity game engine with C# scripting. This type of games include Flappy Birds, Super Meat Boy, and Super Mario. But we will not go that far, it will […]

  • Website Design – HTML

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    Learn to make a starter website with HTML and CSS with a focus on explaining the building blocks through given code. Before coming to the workshop, make sure you have a text editor downloaded on your laptop such as Visual Studio Code.

  • Maintaining and editing a WordPress site

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    Whether you have a site on Voices, Discover, or Inside, the process for editing and maintaining the site is very similar. In this workshop we will cover the basics of editing existing content, creating new content, when to use a page or a post, how to include images and video, and how to make use […]

  • Audacity Workshop

    Basics of Audacity Schedule and Agenda During the Basics of Audacity Workshop, we will be learning how to create a simple project with Audacity to learn the tools and effects for making polished audio. Please bring a laptop with you for this workshop, and have the audacity software already downloaded. Below is the schedule for […]