Design a résumé using Figma

A résumé is a vital asset in any career maker’s professional pursuit. A well-designed resume template, moreover, will be advantageous in scoring an internship/position in the industry among many competitors. With Figma – a free browser app widely used for digital interface prototyping – this workshop will guide you through customizing your own creative résumé.

  • The workshop is opened to any levels, especially beginners.
  • Please bring your laptop and your current résumé (if you have one).


Attendees will learn the basics of drafting a resume with a visual design of choice

using Figma software.


By the end of this session, attendees will:

  • See the application of Figma in the design industry
  • Learn how to navigate Figma
  • Have a basic understanding of resume design principles
  • Create and export a primitive resume template
  • Learn about resources to work with Figma in the future

Session Outline:

    1. Welcome & introduction
    2. Download + Install Figma at
    3. An overview of Figma software: benefits, applications
    4. Some design principle of a résumé
    5. Demo design:
      • Create a design file, select and organize frame (Offer a template)
      • Using texts feature, font preview plugin
      • Adding graphic elements
      • Creating reusable components
      • Background customization
      • Export frame
    6. Additional resources + questions