#ICYMI: September 11, 2021

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Moodle Tips

Just a reminder that Educational Technology maintains and updates the Moodle Professional Development course. It is the best place to find information on everything Moodle.

Technology@Wooster Documentation

Looking for documentation from Technology@Wooster? Our documentation has moved to Inside Wooster. Please see Technology Documentation for information ranging from how to print on campus to how to connecting to the network.

Moodle Requests

Requesting integration of an external tool

Anyone wishing to request the integration of an external tool (Examples include: Perusall, Cengage, etc) with Moodle should complete the Process for Requesting Moodle External Tool Integration.

Using a previous version of the course

If you wish, you may use content from a prior course in your current course. For information on restoring or importing course content from another course, see our topic “Reusing Content” in the Moodle Professional Development course.

If, after reviewing the instructions, you are uncomfortable moving materials, the Educational Technology staff is happy to import archived materials into your current course for you.  This will require completing this form and will take a day or two to complete.

Combining sections of the same course

If you are teaching multiple sections of the same course or you and your colleagues teaching the same course want to share resources, you can request to have multiple sections combined into a metacourse by completing this form.

Infobase Learning Cloud

Faculty, staff, and students have on-demand access to video training courses through our partnership with  Infobase Learning Cloud. New courses include Microsoft Office 365 (2021), PowerPoint (2021), MacOS Catalina, PadOS 14 Essentials, Adobe Photoshop Basics (2021), Adobe Photoshop Advanced (2021), Adobe Illustrator Basics (2021), and Adobe Premiere Basics (2021) 

For more information on what Infobase Learning Cloud can offer you or your students, visit our Infobase post on Technology@Wooster. 

The Digital Media Bar is Open!

If you are looking for help on a project (podcasts, videos, posters and more), basic help on Microsoft 365 and Moodle, stop by the Digital Media Bar in Andrews library to get help.  

We are encouraging students and others to book appointments to improve service and reduce wait times. We anticipate having a full schedule of hours and our bookings available by next week.  

What’s New in Microsoft 365?

Features Rolling Out

Microsoft is rolling out new features for M365. For this post we are concentrating on some of the new features rolling out and available in Teams. You can view the information on these new features via our Microsoft Updates post.

  • Group Assignment (available now)
  • Return Assignment for Revision (available now)
  • Filter Assignments by class (rolling out)
  • Chat Bubbles (available now)
  • Spotlight multiple users during class or a meeting
  • Annotate, use a virtual laser pointer, and show personal translated slides in PowerPoint Live (available now)
  • Record Meetings Automatically option (available now)
  • Add assignments to Office 365 calendar (available now)
  • Create and edit a quiz directly from an assignment (available now)
  • Multiple Choice Quiz option for Microsoft Forms Poll in Teams Meetings (available now)

Recent Tutorial Videos

Educational Technology Support Videos

Did you know that Educational Technology has support videos? Check out our Ed Tech Support Videos today.

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