Microsoft Training Sessions


Microsoft associates offer free, live training sessions for professionals, educators, and students. See their Virtual Workshops and Trainings site for offerings and registration.

Unfortunately the Excel trainings scheduled for Sp23 have been cancelled.

Recordings of Past Training Team Events

For past sessions, visit the link to watch the recording of the sessions in Stream.

Our Fall 2022 offerings are included below, but please see our Lists, Forms, Automate: Your Microsoft Trifecta post for more details and support on those topics.

Microsoft Accessibility Solutions

This course will show you how you can achieve more with the built-in accessibility tools and features in Microsoft technologies. It will focus on features and customizable settings for hearing, sight, and neurodiverse needs, as well as for creators striving for inclusive content. View the agenda and notes: Microsoft Accessibility Solutions Training Agenda_2-8-23

  • Understand how to set up and navigate accessibility settings within Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams.  
  • Learn how to create accessible content within Microsoft 365 including Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams.  
  • Gain tips for presenting inclusively for all audiences.

Wednesday, February 8th from 2-3p.m.

  • No recording available.

Get Started with Microsoft SharePoint Online

Learn the fundamentals of cloud storage/sharing including:

  • Successfully navigate SharePoint team and communication sites
  • Understand Microsoft 365 groups
  • Work with SharePoint document libraries
  • Share files and folders with users outside of a group
  • Utilize shared resources in team sites including lists, plans, and notebooks
  • View the agenda and notes Microsoft SharePoint Online- Get Started Training Agenda_12-14-22 for details

Wednesday, December 14th from 1-2p.m. 

Go Further with Microsoft SharePoint Online

A reminder that every Outlook Group and Microsoft Team has an associated SharePoint site.

Learn how your group or team can leverage more advanced features of Microsoft SharePoint sites:

  • Understand SharePoint Online team sites, communication sites, and hub sites
  • Plan a successful team site or communication site by understanding functionality and best practices
  • Customize the look of a SharePoint site
  • Build a site and utilize web parts

View the agenda and notes Microsoft SharePoint Online- Go Further Training Agenda_1-25-23.docx

Wednesday, January 25th from 2-3p.m.

Tips, Tricks and What’s New with Microsoft Teams

Learn tips and shortcuts to use Microsoft Teams efficiently for communication and collaboration.

  • Format messages so they get noticed (and responded to) 
  • Streamline collaboration with tools and tips to simplify your workday 
  • Explore new Teams features for chat, meetings, and more 

View the agenda and notes Tips, Shortcuts, and What’s New in Microsoft Teams Agenda_1-12-23.docx

Thursday, January 12th from 11a.m.-Noon

Microsoft Lists

Microsoft Lists logo square with yellow, orange, red, and purple stripes

Learn to stay on top of it all with Lists, the smart information tracking app in Microsoft 365.

Get started with Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms logo with teal square and capital letter F

This course introduces Microsoft Forms and highlights best practices for collaborating to collect and analyze responses. The session demonstrates how to create surveys, quizzes, and polls, how to respond in nearly any web browser or mobile device, and how to analyze those responses.

Get started with Microsoft Power Automate

power automate logo arrow with 3 shades of blue stripes

Microsoft Power Automate streamlines repetitive tasks and processes so you can focus your attention where it’s needed most. In this training, learn the basics of Power Automate and start creating flows from templates and from scratch. Examples of Flows include sending a message to a Team channel with each new response to a Form, sending an email message when a SharePoint file is updated, notify a Team when a List item status changes, etc.


Cloud Storage in M365


Teams for Communication: Meetings and Chat

Teams for Collaboration: Teams, Channels, and Tabs

Teams Meetings: Breakout Rooms and Polling

  • The session will demonstrate Teams meetings including the newly released Breakout Rooms feature plus soliciting feedback from attendees through live polling with Forms.
  • Visit this PDF Topics page or this Word document Topics page for more details.
  • Watch the recording of the session in Stream.

Microsoft Teams Live Events

Class Teams

Effective and efficient assignments and assessments with Microsoft Teams

  • Use the Assignments, Rubrics, and Grades apps in Microsoft Teams for Education
  • Use Microsoft Forms for self-graded quizzes
  • Watch the recording of the session in Stream (1/25/22)
  • View the agenda for more details

Creating an inclusive classroom with Microsoft Learning Tools

Microsoft Learning Tools are a set of built-in features in Microsoft 365 and Windows 10 that are designed to empower every student and teacher to be more productive and inclusive.

Creating an inclusive classroom with Microsoft Learning Tools

Microsoft Learning Tools are a set of built-in features in Microsoft 365 and Windows 10 that are designed to empower every student and teacher to be more productive and inclusive.