XR Portal: Seeing Things from a New Perspective

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XR Portal is a library of simulations and 360 videos for educators to use in their classrooms. Their database primarily contains content that is consumable with either a VR headset or VR Glasses (like the Pocket 360). Since most of their content is 360 degree videos, it is viewable on a computer with the user scroll with their mouse to look around within the environment. Their entire database is searchable, making it easier to find content to use in a course or presentation.

Screen shot from a website showing the search bar. The background has a silhouette of a person looking up at the night sky.

By having these resource available for free, XR Portal hopes to foster a more empathetic society and have more diverse perspectives of others and ourselves.

Text from XR Portal's website:
Join the Movement.
Every person and thing experiences the world differently. Our mission is to create an empathetic society by enabling individuals to immerse themselves within diverse perspectives. Join the movement to help use promote empathy and inclusiveness, while transcending boundaries of division.
XR Portal’s Mission Statement

If you just want to explore their content, there is a “Discover” option dividing content by category. Categories besides generic areas like art and science include, accessibility, climate change, mental health, mindfulness, people, and women. This immersive content puts viewers into other’s perspective for empathy and educational purposes. For example. this 1 minute video of a woman experiencing dementia is helpful for kinetic, visual, or auditory learners to understand the early stages of this illness in a course.

A Walk-Through Dementia- at home (Youtube 360)