Category: Virtual Reality

  • XR Portal: Seeing Things from a New Perspective

    Screenshot of XR search engine landing page

    XR Portal is a library of simulations and 360 videos for educators to use in their classrooms. Their database primarily contains content that is consumable with either a VR headset or VR Glasses (like the Pocket 360). Since most of their content is 360 degree videos, it is viewable on a computer with the user […]

  • Museums in AR/VR: Google Arts & Culture

    A woman smiling while wearing virtual reality headset

    Explore art galleries through your phone without leaving your seat or paying a dime. Using Google Street View, you can take virtual reality tours with your phone and Google Cardboard or Pocket 360 (also known as smartphone VR headsets). Tours appear in a 360 degree photo format with points of interest for viewers to read […]

  • Virtual Reality: More than Just a Headset

    image of oculus VR headset

    Virtual reality headsets have made many experiences possible for viewers including touring the International Space Station, exploring scenes from around the world, and getting up close and personal with molecules. Even here at The College of Wooster, faculty and students have been experimenting with virtual reality to solve problems, transform educational environments, build museums, and […]

  • Blender Workshop

    Blender logo

    Blender is an open source program that can be used in game design, modeling, animation, and image editing. This workshop focuses on the animation aspect of Blender. Attendees will bring a simple nature scene to life using different methods of animation in Blender. Agenda Create the Ground Inserting a Plane Assigning a Material Subdivision Sculpting Add […]

  • Google VR

    Google Cardboard is a virtual reality platform from Google VR that is easy to use and affordable to deploy. It has a software development kit for Unity, a popular game engine. The goal of this workshop is to create a small, interactive VR scene and deploy it to a phone (iOS or Android). Resources Github […]

  • Unity Game Development

    The Unity Game Development series is designed to introduce attendees to Unity. Attendees will create a simple, platformer-like game to learn Unity’s concepts. By the end of the series, attendees should have a single ‘level,’ in which they can jump around collecting objects and avoiding death. Unity will be available on the lab computers in […]