Adobe Illustrator Basics

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This workshop provides tools and resources to make basic flat designs by using Illustrator.  Attendees will create a full-featured graphic design with variation of colors and shapes.


By the end of this session, attendees will

  • Learn how to use the Ai interface
  • Know what is flat design
  • Know how to set up a new Illustrator file
  • Learn how to use cut, pencil, eraser tools


Session Outline:

  1. Introduction to AI
  • Vector graphics & common uses
  • AI User Interface
  1. Flat design
  • Document setup
  • Select & Direct Select tools
  • Shape & Pen tools
  • Color guide
  • Artboards
  1. Practicing
  • Using color swatches and pantone’s
  • Handy tips
  1. Exporting with different type
  • Export high resolution
  • Export different types files

Link to download Ai Workshop Agenda: AI Basic Workshop