Category: Web Authoring

  • GitHub pages workshop

    In this workshop attendees will learn how to use GitHub pages to host a website free of charge. No coding experience or prior knowledge is required. Session led by Digital Media Assistant Salim Dohri ’21. Agenda creating a Github account creating a new repository choosing a theme making changes to the site updating the site […]

  • Create a Website using GitHub Pages

    Learn to create a website using the Jekyll website generator and host it on GitHub. Agenda Using git and Github What is git? What is GitHub? Create a GitHub account Create a repository Clone the repository Edit the README Add and Commit Changes Pushing Changes Using Jekyll What is Jekyll What is Markdown Creating a […]

  • Simple Web Design

    Register for the event. The simple web design workshop is designed to introduce attendees to the bootstrap framework. Attendees will create a simple, basic website using the codepen online editor by the end of this workshop attendees will be able to make structured websites using the resources provided below. Resources: bootstrap4 Front end checklist Mozilla CSS […]