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  • Figma for Beginners

    If you haven’t already done so, you’ll want to navigate to and either register or login to your Figma Account Explore the screen  Start with some basic tools Importing and editing images   Basic Intro to Components and Variants  Introduce them to figma environment 

  • Canva for Creatives

    Get ready to create stunning e-book covers and professional business cards with Canva’s free assets!

  • 3D Printing on Campus Workshop

    pencil sketch of a 3D printer printing a little house

    Developing Learning Objectives: My workshop should leave those who attended with a basic understanding of the possible 3D printing options on campus. We will cover: 3D Printers on Campus: Printer Name Type of Printer Location Accessibility Software Lulzbot Mini Filament Digital Media Bar in Andrews Library With Approval of Educational Technology Cura   Download @…

  • Fall 2023 Student Workshops

    Fall 2023 workshops poster featuring 5 sessions

    Student Technology Assistants (STAs) are offering a series of workshops crafted mainly for students working on academic and personal digital projects but which are open to everyone.

  • Pre-Semester Ed Tech Workshops for Faculty 2023

    Educational Technology will host pre-semester workshops for faculty the week of August 7th, 2023. Sessions will be recorded and will be linked below, but in the meantime, check out all the options for pre-semester! Aligning your Grade Book with your Grading Strategy Do you want to use Moodle’s gradebook as a one-stop-shop for you and…

  • Audacity Workshop

    Audacity Workshop Agenda: – Overview of the interface: a review of menus, toolbars, and waveform display area(where you can visualize and edit audio tracks).  – Importing and exporting Audio Files – Learn how to record on Audacity  – Visit the Sound Studio to see a real-time recording  – Learn how to edit on Audacity

  • After Effects Workshop

     After Effects is a digital visual effects, motion graphics, and compositing application. It’s often used for post-production of films, games and television. You can create compelling multimedia projects, YouTube videos, and animations with the basics of motion graphics. Learn the basics of motion graphics with Adobe After Effects. Agenda RSVP for the workshop here: After…

  • Unity Workshop

    In this beginner-friendly workshop, you will learn some fundamental concepts in game design and development as well as how to create a working 2D platformer game using Unity game engine with C# scripting. This type of games include Flappy Birds, Super Meat Boy, and Super Mario. But we will not go that far, it will…

  • RStudio Workshop

    Agenda Basic functions in R Implementing the functions to get something useful from the dataset Sign up for future workshops by visiting our events page. Follow us on Instagram at @woo_ed_tech

  • Alternative Assessments Series

    Whether you’re looking for a new way to reach your students, want to help them build real-world skills for life beyond the classroom, just want to mix up your assignment schedule a little, or want to be able to answer the question “When am I going to use this?” you’re probably looking for an alternative…