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  • Technology Workshops for Students Fa16

    Have you been assigned a research paper? Have you been assigned a video project? Student Technology Assistants are offering a series of workshops crafted specifically for students. To view workshop details and to register, visit the Events page or links below. For workshops held in Taylor 205, you may bring your own device or use a lab computer. For workshops […]

  • Maya workshop

    Agenda In this workshop, we will cover 3D modeling and rendering in Maya 2016. Maya Maya is a powerful 3D graphics software that can model, animate and render. The workshop will use Maya 2016 student version which is available for students for free at In the workshop we will cover: Getting Started Maya GUI 3-button-mouse usage […]

  • Senior IS Formatting workshop

    Cartoon of woman sitting on stack of books with a laptop.

    This post is intended to provide guidance and resources for students using Microsoft Word to format their Independent Student thesis document to meet department guidelines. Many of the links below are to LinkedIn Learning video tutorials. Login to LinkedIn Learning using your College credentials. Learn more about LinkedIn Learning. Microsoft Word Resources below address using Microsoft […]

  • Fun with Photoshop

    Agenda In this workshop, we will cover how to turn a photograph into a sticker, as well as insert an image within text, using a few basic tools in Photoshop.  Photoshop Adobe Photoshop CS 6 (Available on school computers or for download) Outside Website (to produce stickers) From Photo to Sticker Shape tool Fill tool […]