Area of Expertise: iMovie

  • Zhansaya Azhdarova

    photograph of Saya Azhdarova

    Zhansaya is a sophomore from Astana, Kazakhstan. She is majoring in Global Media & Digital Studies and double minoring in Statistical & Data Sciences and Economics studies. Her digital toolkit includes proficiency in iMovie, Adobe Photoshop, Canva, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Excel.

  • Atomu Maruyama

    headshot of Atomu Maruyama

    Atomu is a sophomore from Tokyo, Japan, majoring in Computer Science. In his free time, he loves playing sports and watching movies. He is interested in learning animation.

  • Lina Boughton

    Lina is a computer science major with a pathway in digital and visual storytelling. She’s from Dublin, Ohio. Her hobbies include playing video games, playing the flute, drawing, and baking. She can help with Google Suite, a bit of Adobe Photoshop, iMovie, ClipChamp, and Canva as well as coding projects in Python, C, and C++.

  • Alan Musabeyezu

    Alan Musabeyezu is a junior from Kigali, Rwanda majoring in Economics and minoring in Data Science. He enjoys reading nonfiction novels, watching comedy movies, and listening to music. He is interested in Finance and Data Analytics.

  • Jessica Israel

    Jessica Israel is a Senior Computer Science major from Atlanta, Georgia. She loves drawing and writing stories. She can help with Audacity, iMovie, Canva, and HTML/CSS.

  • Jo Jordan

    Picture of Jojo

    Jo Jordan (he/him/his) your neighborhood-friendly Technologist is a Junior student-athlete from New York City; currently pursuing a major in Communicative Technology and a double minor in Economics and Studio Art. He would be pleased to assist you with any issues you may incur. 

  • Emily Armour

    As an Educational Technologist Emily is responsible for advancing the use of technology for faculty, students, and staff. She assists faculty in identifying, selecting, and using educational and instructional technologies that complement their pedagogical approaches. Through workshops, classroom visits, and a team of Student Technology Assistants, Emily helps our students to develop abilities to critically…

  • Jon Breitenbucher, Ph. D.

    Jon works with faculty to incorporate technology and/or innovative projects into their courses. His specialties include WordPress (including Voices, Spaces, and Discover), iMovie, Garageband, social media and course management technologies. Faculty thinking about redesigning a course or adding new projects to a course (including IS) are encouraged to schedule a meeting with Jon through Outlook…