#ICYMI: April 30, 2020 Edition

In Case You Missed It, please see the resources we have been sharing.

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Moodle Resources for Faculty

Educational Technology has put together some more Moodle Resources for faculty for timed alternatives for exams.

Educational Technology Support Videos

Educational Technology has made some videos on Stream this week about Teams and Sharing on Stream (login is required).

Student Support for End of Semester

Got final projects? Need help with a Word document or a presentation? Miss being able to visit the Digital Media Bar in Andrews Library? Never fear! Educational Technology has taken our Digital Media Bar virtual. Our students are still available for support. You can book a virtual appointment with them.

Virtual IS Symposium Support

Educational Technology and Technology Services are here to support Seniors who are choosing to participate in the Virtual IS Symposium. 

Students working on video or audio presentations can find support via our Guidelines for Audio and Video support page.

Students working on posters can find support via our Creating IS Symposium Posters support page.

How to Get Help with Symposium

For help with Office 365 applications (including Teams), poster creation, and video/audio support:

For trouble logging into Wooster accounts & basic troubleshooting, contact Technology Services:

Sharing Updates and Suggestions

Educational Technology realizes that there are a lot of updates happening quickly with Microsoft Office 365 products, especially Teams and Stream. Have you come across an update that we’ve missed? Or maybe you have suggestions that you would like to see in our post? Do not hesitate to reach out to us at educationaltechnology.wooster.edu.

Who are we following?

Did you know that Microsoft has a new and improved Educator center? They have free courses that you can take with your Wooster credentials. They have even started a learning path series on remote learning.