Preventing Technology Disasters





Dropped Device: Accidents happen but some drops can be prevented. Like making sure your device is secured in your bag before standing up and moving devices from the edge of a bed or table. NO device should ever be charging on soft surfaces. Devices produce heat while charging and to much heat can damage your device or even start a FIRE. The cord also posses a risk if your foot or arm would get stuck and knock the device to the floor.

Heated/Cooled to Extremes: Electronic devices are sensitive to extreme temperature fluctuations. Never leave a device in a vehicle as temperatures can vary greatly in confined spaces. Both extremes can cause your device to stop functioning and it is not recommend to use one to fix the other. That means if your device gets to hot do not put it in the fridge and vice versa. Your device should be allowed to return to normal room temperature slowly to prevent any further damage.

Cracked/Broken Screen: A damaged screen can be the result of the device being dropped or closing a object between the screen and the keyboard. Closing an object in-between your keyboard and screen is never recommended. Even a piece of paper can prevent your device from closing properly. Always check your keyboard for items before closing your laptop.

Dead Batteries and Chargers: Dead batteries and chargers are something that happens and are rarely preventable, unless you notice considerable wear on your cords. Your device should provide warnings if something is wrong with the battery. It is a best practices to know where you can find replacement parts and service.

Food/Drink Spills: Food/Drink spills are always preventable. Look at your current work space setup are you happy with where your device is at. Keep in mind that all liquid will flow down and on a bed or soft furniture besides you, your device is the heaviest thing. It is NEVER recommend to eat or drink around your devices.

Computer Virus: Any electronic device is susceptible to viruses. Viruses can come in many forms and some are even made to not be detected unless you are looking for them. A good antivirus software is strongly recommend to protect you and your device. Technology Services encourages you to do some research and choose a package that will work best for your device.

Technology Failure: Technology failure is unpredictable and sometimes not even preventable, but you can always be prepared. Technology Services recommends backing up your device to an external Hard Drive or Cloud storage regularly.

What to do if DISASTER Strikes

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