STA Reflection- Amelia


As an STA I wanted to gain more skill to help myself and other students in the future. Over the course of these past two semesters (Fall 2022 and Spring 2023) I have completed a multitude of goals that have improved my knowledge and skills in various ways.  

I helped fix and maintain the two Lulzbot 3D printers that educational Technology is responsible for. I learned about a variety of 3D printers on the College of Wooster. I researched the Toybox, Ender, Lulzbot, Makerbot, and Formlabs printers. With all of the knowledge I gained about the 3D printers I was able to run a successful 3D printing workshop and gave a small demo with the Toybox printers. Due to my knowledge about the Formlabs resin printer I was tasked with helped a fellow student create a model for the senior IS to show at a conference. Towards the end of my deep dive into 3D printing I helped 3D print and install a new part for the printer head of the “Apollo” Lulzbot printer.  

I started following a tutorial course for Unity that goes over the basics of the software. I also attended a workshop hosted by a fellow coworker which guided me through how to create a small flappy bird like game. 

I also read the manual and learned the basics of Audacity an audio editing software in order to better help students in the future. When learning audacity I created two sample audio to show my understanding of the software and was able to answers students questions about if any arose. 

Through being an STA I was able to accomplish thing I would otherwise have difficult doing. For example, I wanted to learn more about the hardware side of computers. Due to my role as an STA I was able to collaborated with the IT department and learned about the different components of computers and about basic repairs. 

On a separate note, over the summer of 2022 I learned how to use different filming and audio equipment as well as premiere pro during an abroad TREK trip to Argentina for documentary film making. I was then able to apply that knowledge to speak in classes about my experience and help other use the filming equipment around campus. 

Overall, I was able to expand my knowledge of the 3D printers on campus, start my journey to learn Unity, further my own knowledge about the hardware side of computers, know the basics of using audacity, how to operate filming equipment, and edit video and audio with premiere pro. I will be able to use those skills in both helping student and faculty at the college of Wooster as well as in the work field after college.