Tax season phishing

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It’s tax season.  It’s also a prime phishing season (and the start of real fishing season).  

A few scams are circulating, including one targeting individuals with .edu email addresses.  Specifically, the IRS notes: The suspect emails display the IRS logo and use various subject lines such as “Tax Refund Payment” or “Recalculation of your tax refund payment.” It asks people to click a link and submit a form to claim their refund. 

If you submitted the form, go to the IRS’s page to review and follow the IRS’s guidance. 

IT’s advice?  You should not use your email for transmitting any personal financial information, your – or others – social security number, personal health information, tax forms, correspondence with attorneys or financial advisors, and the like.   

Read more about what to look for and how to protect yourself.

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