Use video in my teaching

Video can be a powerful tool to engage students and enhance learning in the classroom.  Faculty can integrate videos from their research into lectures or place videos in online course materials for students to explore, comment on, or use as a basis for a student research project.  Online video collections at Wooster or public sites such as YouTube or Google Video can be researched and critiqued by students as part of their coursework or students can create their video as part of a student research project for inclusion in presentations and other class materials.


Use pre-existing video – Librarians can help you find sources for video to use in your course, including video databases licensed by the College.   See the Library’s media guide or contact a Librarian in your subject area.

Digitize existing video – Computers in CoRE and the Digital Studio can be used by faculty and teaching staff to digitize materials.

Use video in lectures and course materials – Video can be used in presentations or linked/embedded in Moodle to enhance student understanding of concepts.

Encourage students to research video – Students can explore websites or use tools such as Google Video or YouTube, combined with Wooster’s electronic resources, to enhance their understanding of the subject matter.

Have students create videos for assignments – The Office of Information Technology has loaner equipment that can be used to create original videos for assignments; students can integrate original videos into class presentations or their course research projects.

Learn more about copyright and Fair Use – Find out how Fair Use and copyright impact your online course materials.

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