Virtual Reality: More than Just a Headset

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Virtual reality headsets have made many experiences possible for viewers including touring the International Space Station, exploring scenes from around the world, and getting up close and personal with molecules. Even here at The College of Wooster, faculty and students have been experimenting with virtual reality to solve problems, transform educational environments, build museums, and take viewers to places that seemed impossible to explore before. A recent news story from PBS demonstrates how individuals use virtual reality beyond the scope of gaming.

At UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital in Oakland, California, Dr. Kurtis Auguste uses virtual reality to allow his patients and their families before surgery understand, reduce fears, and, anxiety about the procedure and the process. Dr. Kurtis Auguste takes patients inside their brain virtually utilizing software developed by Surgical Theater. In doing so, Dr. Auguste has found that patients and families can now engage more effectively as a team.

To read more about the use of the virtual reality by Dr. Kurtis Auguste, visit: Virtual reality allows neurosurgery patients to ‘tour’ their own brains.