Audacity workshop

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Audacity is an easy-to-use, open source audio editing software program that is available as a free download for desktop computers that run the Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems. Audacity has a variety of features that can meet the needs of a range of audio recording projects, from a very basic short live recording to more elaborate, multi-track projects that combine audio from a variety of sources.

See our Audacity article for software installation and additional support.

See our Podcasting Tools article for more details.

Session Recording

Watch the following video from our Ed Tech support videos from our Audacity Workshop. If you have questions, please reach out to Educational Technology.


(Visit or download a copy of the Word document of this detailed Audacity Workshop agenda)

  1. Installing the software
  2. Introduction to basic tools
    1. Record, Pause, Stop, Open, Zoom in, Zoom Out
    2. Clips: Select, Delete, Trim
    3. Clips: Move, Copy/Paste
    4. Tracks: Select, Mute, Solo, Gain
  3. Import sound effects or soundtrack
    1. Finding Royalty-free/Copyright-free music
    2. Download music track or effect
    3. Import music track or effect into project
  4. Editing Audio Tracks Envelope tool
  5. Fade In, Fade OutEffects for Recordings
    1. Noise Reduction
    2. Amplify
    3. Normalization & Equalization
  6. Exporting

Files used for the workshop:

Download example audio files here to practice using Audacity.

  • Soundtrack music
  • Sound effects

For copyright-free media such as soundtracks and sound effects to use in your projects, see our Copyright-free Media post.

For additional resources:

See our Podcasting Tools article for more details on

See our Audacity article for

  • Audacity software installation
  • additional support for exporting and sharing audio files (assignment submission)