Canva for Creatives

Get ready to create stunning e-book covers and professional business cards with Canva’s free assets! Jessica will guide you through the ins and outs of Canva and will be available throughout the entire hour to answer any questions related to the workshop and can offer tips on more creative techniques.

Objectives: Learning how to create graphics that help promote small businesses and manuscripts with the free assets Canva provides.

Materials for the Workshop: Have a laptop, Canva account, and book title.


Part 1: Introduction  

  1. Introduction of Canva for Creatives 
  1. Confirm access to Canva account

Part 2: Learning Canva 

  1. Basic Overview of Canva- Learn about resizing objects, labeling pages, viewing templates, and snapping and cropping images.
  1. Create Business Cards- We will start with a basic business card overview and end with learning about exporting images and the buying feature.
  1. Create e-book Covers- We will have an e-book cover overview and learn about exporting images.
  1. Creative Path/Questions- Once you have the basics, start creating your own designs! Be sure to ask any questions!

Part 3: Closing