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  • Microsoft Outlook Online


    By Aubry Miller In this post, I’ll be providing some tips on how you can optimize your experience in Microsoft Outlook.  Quick Tips  Turn On Dark Mode  1.Select Settings.  2. Click on the Dark mode switch to initiate dark mode.  Change the Display Density  1.Select Settings.  2. Choose between Full, Medium and Compact.  Create Folders  Select New Folder from the left panel on […]

  • Microsoft SharePoint

    SharePoint Logo

    By Pavithra Brahmananda Reddy Microsoft SharePoint is a software that makes collaborating with your team members easier. It was designed to increase efficiency among people working together online. You can use SharePoint by logging into your Office365 account online. Among SharePoint’s many features is the ability to integrate your data with the other Office 365 […]

  • Tutorial on Sway

    Sway Homepage

    By Jessica Israel Sway is a Microsoft app you can use to create various projects such as presentations, stories, and reports. When you first enter the sway app, you will be greeted with a homepage that says, “Welcome to Sway.” Sway presents options to either create a new project or start from a topic. You […]

  • Student Perspective on Daily Health Check Notifications

    Black Scottish Terrier wearing a mask with a yellow circle background with the word Wooster on it.

    Editor note: This post was written by Minh Phan, Class of ’24, one of Ed Tech’s Digital Media Assistants. Learn more about our Digital Media Assistants. As we continue to adapt to COVID-19 in 2021, Technology@Wooster developed a notification flow with Microsoft Power Automate to make personal health check easier. As a student, I find […]

  • “Stories of the Future”- Garage Stories

    Saturday, April 27th from 8am to midnight storytellers, developers, artists, and other creatives interested in XR (Extended Reality or an umbrella term for Mixed, Augmented, and Virtual Reality) were brought together at Institute for the Future (IFTF) in Palo Alto, California. Garage Stories is an organization bringing people from various fields together to create and […]

  • Designing Immersive Empathy 360-VR Experiences: A NERCOMP Workshop 2018

    Black and white photo of two people playing with virtual reality headset

    NERCOMP hosted a workshop on designing empathic 360-VR experiences for faculty and IT- professionals in higher education at Fairfield University in Fairfield, CT. Immersing Students with Empathy Dr. Milena Batanova is developing empathy workshops for teachers to use in K-12 classrooms. Harvard’s Making Caring Common Project offers resources for teachers and families to show and […]

  • The Chicago Colloquium on Digital Humanities and Computer Science 2018 at Loyola University Chicago

    Digital Humanities and Computer Science 2018 logo

    Loyola University Chicago hosted the DHCS 2018 Conference on November 9th – 11th showcasing graduate and professional scholars in many unique projects in the Digital Humanities.  Below are a few projects that allowed me to bring back new ideas to Wooster. The Muddle Project  Loyola graduate students Taylor Brown and Rebecca Parker introduced and workshoped […]

  • Site update

    You may notice that the site looks a little different. I have changed the theme a little bit. I did a couple of things. First I changed the site over to the 24 column 960 Grid System. This makes it much easier to layout page templates and such. A side effect of this change is […]

  • Blogging in the curriculum

    Wooster has recently gotten some notice for what Instructional Technology has been doing with the Voices blogging service. We are one of the first schools to begin making use of the new BuddyPress extension and specifically to make use of its group functionality. This semester we have a few professors making use of this new […]

  • Useful copyright tool

    Determining whether a published work is protected by copyright can be very confusing. Was the work published before 1923, without the © symbol, was copyright renewed? These are just a few of the things a faculty member must determine before distributing copies of a work to their class. Luckily there is a Web tool that […]