Student Perspective on Daily Health Check Notifications

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Editor note: This post was written by Minh Phan, Class of ’24, one of Ed Tech’s Digital Media Assistants. Learn more about our Digital Media Assistants.

As we continue to adapt to COVID-19 in 2021, Technology@Wooster developed a notification flow with Microsoft Power Automate to make personal health check easier. As a student, I find this new feature helpful because I no longer scroll through my Outlook to ‘forage’ for the email. The notification helps me to remember to do this small task that is important for the health of our campus. COVID-19 protection is not just about me, but about the larger community.

Power Automate (former Flow) is a Microsoft 365 product that coordinates tasks in different platforms into patterned workflow. This application has much more potential beyond a Health Check reminder, which, will be covered in a separate Power Automate series.

Watch this tutorial to help you to set up the notifications. This can be synchronized with your phone by simply installing Power Automate app via Apple Store or Google Play Store.

After this process, you will receive a push notification on your mobile device unique for Daily Health Check. You will need a badge for entering Scot Center and Lowry Dining Hall.

Picture of a scotty dog with yellow background wearing a mask and Wooster words below it.
Wooster Scot Health Check Badge

Please reach out to the HelpDesk for any questions about installing the notification and troubleshooting any issues. Stay tuned for our Power Automate series.

Go Scots!