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  • Ohio 5 New Technologies – New Pedagogies

    Student Engagement Read 3 ways to increase student engagement in your classroom Rank the three ways on the provided sticky note Strategies for supporting better student presentations What is Good Presentation design? Plickers quiz Example one PowerPoint Face-to-face presentation: Three Minute Thesis Wooster’s IS Symposium 2017 and Technically Speaking from Denison U. Framing things as a […]

  • Student Response

    Student response sites, systems, and apps can be used for informal, formative assessment in the classroom. They also provide a way to promote student-teacher and student-student interaction, even with large classes. What is formative assessment? Refer to Carnegie Mellon University’s Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence & Educational Innovation. The goal of formative assessment is to monitor student learning to provide […]

  • Teaching with iPads

    Apple TV In spaces with Apple TV, anyone can use AirPlay to wirelessly mirror a Mac computer or iOS device (iPad, iPhone, iPod) to a projector. For documentation, visit the wiki. iPad Pro with Apple Pencil Presenting Digital whiteboard using NotesPlus app (paid. on Ed Tech iTunes account for trial). Features include handwriting, handwriting recognition, shape recognition, annotation over […]

  • Film Studies Workshop

    Mike, Emily and Jon got to show Dan Bourne, Jen Hayward, Deb Shostak, Margaret Ng, Jim Bonk, Greg Shaya, Rujie Wang, Peter Pozefsky, Ahmet Atay, Madonna Hettinger, Marion Duval, and Beth Muellner how to use iMovie to create a film out of the clips that they had shot using their iPhones. The faculty had organized […]

  • Microsoft Excel Basics for staff

    Excel Logo

    Agenda (may be covered in two sessions) Excel 2016 Quick Start (Microsoft Support) Basic Tasks in Excel (Microsoft Support) Tour of layout: task bar, formula bar, worksheet Define terms: cells, column, row, workbook, worksheet, active cell Entering data Cell reference Moving around in the worksheet: enter key, tab key, arrow keys Editing data: making a […]

  • Wooster Online 101 workshop

    The College offers a variety of resources online through various websites. How many have you visited? Join us for a tour of Wooster Online 101 where we’ll explore topics such as Where is your personal information on campus? Your College account and password Scotweb and Colleague the directory, calendar, news and more The Wiki: human resources, […]

  • Birds of a Feather Sessions

    We heard from a number of faculty who were very interested in Educational Technology workshops, but were not be able to attend. So we would like to bring the sessions to you as Birds of a Feather sessions. A faculty or staff member can request a Birds of a Feather session by identifying at least four colleagues who are […]