Category: Technologies

  • GitHub pages workshop

    In this workshop attendees will learn how to use GitHub pages to host a website free of charge. No coding experience or prior knowledge is required. Session led by Digital Media Assistant Salim Dohri ’21. Agenda creating a Github account creating a new repository choosing a theme making changes to the site updating the site […]

  • Copyright-free Media

    Media Sources Bensound, “CC Search” “Copyright-Fair-Use-Public-Domain-and-Creative-Commons-1.Pdf.” Accessed September 26, 2022. “Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives” “Freeplay Music The Best Music Library on the Planet!” See Education > Classroom Use details Google Image Search (choose Advanced image search, labeled for reuse) Flickr Search (check the “Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content” box and any […]

  • Guidelines for Creating Video and Audio

    Educational Technology has put together a post to help students for this virtual IS Symposium with creating video and audio files to showcase their work. Students should consult with their advisors and departments on specifics about the presentation style and format. Educational Technology is here to help with Office 365 applications (including Teams), poster creation, […]

  • Audacity workshop

    Audacity logo

    Audacity is an easy-to-use, open source audio editing software program that is available as a free download for desktop computers that run the Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems. Audacity has a variety of features that can meet the needs of a range of audio recording projects, from a very basic short live recording to […]

  • Creating Effects with Adobe Photoshop

    Image of mountains with a series of diamonds over it and a young women's face in the center diamond

    By the end of this session students will be able to: Import photos from the Internet Make and edit different shapes Use Blending Mode to create effects Use Clipping Mask to insert pictures Session outline: Shape Tools: Import pictures from files/Internet to Photoshop Create different types of shapes Edit shapes by rotating, changing sizes Blending […]

  • Adobe Premiere Basics Workshop

    Adobe Premiere Pro Logo

    Agenda 1.    Creating New Project Open the workspace Format of the video Sequence 2.    Importing Videos and Audios  Organize Items Select part from Imported Video or Audios to the track 3.  Basic Tools of Editing Track Select Forward Tool Unlink Razor Tool Key Frames Adding Title 4. Exporting Video format Please download the example files: Video 1 Video […]

  • LibriVox: Free Domain Audio Books

    Librivox logo

    Need to listen to a story or play for a class? Want to use the audio for a project or research? You don’t need to open your wallet or ask for permission to use any of it.LibriVox is an archival website containing audio books of plays and stories that are free domain. All materials are […]

  • Listen Notes

    Need a podcast for class demonstration? Or maybe you would like your students to engage with a topic via audio? Then check out Listen Notes. Listen Notes is a search engine just devoted to podcasts. It combs the web and finds that elusive podcast that Google just can’t seem to pull up in their results. […]

  • Photo Essay

    Image of a person taking a photo blurred lights with their phone

    What is a photo essay? A photo essay is a series of photos with captions and accompanying text that explores a single subject. Some examples of photo essays may be seen in publications such as magazines or editorial spreads. Tips for taking a photo To get the best photograph, here are some tips to help […]

  • Adobe Photoshop Basics

    Photoshop software logo

    By the end of this session, students will Learn how to open and save pictures Learn how to rotate pictures Learn how to crop pictures Learn how to cut out and add in an object from this picture into another one Session Outline: Basic skills Import a picture from the library Save a picture by […]