#ICYMI: November 13, 2020 Edition

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Microsoft Training Sessions

Information Planning and Technology is happy to announce that the Microsoft’s Cleveland-based Training Team will be offering free training for the campus via Microsoft Teams.

Our first two offerings focus on using Microsoft Teams. Even if you have experience using Teams, these one-hour sessions offer tips and tricks and time for Q&A. View our post for details on how to access the event.


As the semester is coming to an end, we wanted to highlight some of Moodle’s features that you might find useful. You can find out more about these via our Moodle Professional Development Course.

  • Moodle Scheduler: helps you in scheduling appointments with your students
  • Choice: allows you to ask a question and set up radio buttons which learners can click to make a selection from a number of possible responses
  • Feedback Activity: allows you to create and conduct surveys with multiple choice and short answer to collect feedback. Respondents can be anonymous
  • Questionnaire Activity: allows teachers to create a wide range of questions to get student feedback e.g. on a course or activities
  • Grader Report: View your student grades and see progress


Are your students doing presentations? Here are our resources on how your students can do presentations:

Microsoft Updates

Did you know that Microsoft is constantly rolling out features for Office 365? Here are some of the newest and upcoming features you will see soon. We do not have any control when Microsoft releases updates.

Image of Team interface with live captions with speaker attribution
Live Captions with Speaker Attribution

These are just a few of the updates from Microsoft. Want to see more? Check out our Microsoft Updates post.

Using Polls and Forms

Making a Form in a Teams Chat

You can create a quick poll in Microsoft Teams in a Team’s chat to survey Team members. This feature is not available in a Meeting’s chat.

Sharing Form Results with Participants in Teams

A number of faculty have asked about using Forms to do a quick question review at the beginning of a meeting or class over Teams. How can you share Forms results with participants? 

Options Include:

  1. Share your screen from the Teams Meeting and share the responses tab of the Form.
  2. Grab the summary responses link from the Form Responses tab and drop that in the chat to share with participants.
  3. Add a tab to your Team – choose Forms – choose existing – choose responses. 

Share Results with Others

  1. In your Form, select the Responses tab. 
  2. Click More options via the three dots.
  3. Select Create a summary link.
  4. Select Copy
  5. Paste this link to share; anyone that has the link will be able to view a summary of responses for your form. 

For more information visit the Microsoft Support page on Forms

Display Results in a Microsoft Team

For more information visit the Microsoft Support page about Work with colleagues to create, edit, and review forms in Microsoft Teams

  1. Scroll down to “Add an existing form to collect responses, show survey results, or collaborate with your team.”
  2. Select Show Results, you will now share the results of a form with your team, and the form will be in “Results” mode.
Screenshot showing how to show results of an existing form
Show results in Microsoft Teams


Polly is an approved 3rd party app built-in to the Teams chat if you click on the three dots. There are limits in the free account.

Sharing Audio in a Teams Meeting

Educational Technology has received a number of questions about sharing audio in a Teams Meeting. Here is a little refresher:

In our Teams meeting post, you will find this information about how the Share System Audio is only available on Windows currently.

Share your Screen with System Audio (Windows only) Watch this 1 minute Microsoft Teams quick tip video or see this Microsoft support page to play the audio on your computer through to the participants in the Teams meeting. Not available on Mac. 
Share your system audio

If you are on a Windows machine, follow these directions to share your screen and select “Include computer audio.”

If you are on a Mac, this option is not yet available. Therefore, your only choice is to not wear earbuds/headphones and let the sound of the video play out of your computer’s speakers. It will then get picked back up by the computer’s microphone and play through the Teams meeting for others to hear. 

This is particularly important if your students are attempting to share audio and are on a Mac.

Educational Technology Support Videos

Did you know that Educational Technology has support videos? Check out our Ed Tech Group Support Videos today.

Sharing Suggestions and Updates

Educational Technology realizes that there are a lot of updates happening quickly with Microsoft Office 365 products, especially Teams and Stream. Have you come across an update that we’ve missed? Or maybe you have suggestions that you would like to see in our post? Do not hesitate to reach out to us at educationaltechnology@wooster.edu.

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Mike Tholfsen is a product manager with Microsoft Education Team. His YouTube channel is dedicated to quick tip “how to” videos showing Microsoft product features, with an angle towards educators and students. Mike’s goal is to help you save time and learn new things in a concise, no-frills way. He has a lot of quick tips on Microsoft Teams for teachers, Office apps, and many other tutorials to get started. To keep up with the latest Microsoft Education product updates, check out their blog.