Scots Daily Health Check Reminder


Opting in for Text Message Reminders

You can now opt-in to receive a reminder to complete the Scots Daily Health Check.

Reminders are sent only if you have not completed the survey using the Flow notification or email reminder. Typically, they will be sent around 9 AM daily (Sunday – Saturday). 

The phone number that you provide will be used ONLY for daily health check reminders. It will not be used for contacting you, emergency, or other text message contacts.

To opt-in, go to Colleague Self-Service (go to, login, select “Colleague Self-Service” at the left. Select “User Options” and then “User Profile”

Screenshot of the user interface of Self Service
User options on Self Service

Under “Phone Numbers,” select “add new phone”

Screenshot of adding the phone number for Self Service
Get the text message reminder

Enter the phone number of the device to receive the daily reminder and select “add phone.”

Screenshot of how to add phone information for Self Service.
Add phone details

Please allow 24-48 hours for your information to sync to our reminder application.

If you need assistance, please contact the Helpdesk at

More about Self Service

Colleague Self-Service is a web application that enables College users to interact with their individual information in the Colleague databases. Wooster is transitioning from Colleague Web Advisor (ScotWeb) to Colleague Self-Service, as Ellucian (the company that provides Colleague) continues to develop major enhancements to replace WebAdvisor.

We have begun replacing ScotWeb with the next generation of online tools. Some features you can access are as follows:


Emergency Information, Personal Identity Information (including Chosen Name, Preferred Pronoun and Gender Identity), Tax Information, Earnings Statements, and for those who manage budgets, a couple of different ways to view budgets and expenditures


Personal Identity Information (including Chosen Name, Preferred Pronoun and Gender Identity), Student Planning, Financial Aid information, Grades, Registration, Graduation Overview, Course Catalog, Unofficial Transcripts


Advising, Course Catalog, View Class Roster, Grades

Stay tuned, we’ll be highlighting new features in coming articles.