June 11 Update

This is the first update on the status of migrating content from wooster.edu, wiki.wooster.edu, and confluence.wooster.edu to this companion website. While much of the content is intended for internal audiences at the College, there is also quite a lot of content that is either required to be public or which there is no reason it cannot be public. So we have chosen to refer to this as a companion website rather than an Intranet.

Over the course of the spring semester several Digital Media Assistants from Educational Technology worked to migrate all content under wooster.edu/offices to sites on inside.wooster.edu. Since the end of the semester members of Educational Technology staff have been working to check the work of the digital media assistants and make any needed corrections. Currently Educational Technology staff are beginning the process of integrating content from the wiki if an office had a site on wooster.edu and wiki.wooster.edu.

Our plan is to coordinate to meet with offices and train a primary and secondary website manager. We will meet with offices and conduct training throughout the fall semester with the goal of having all content moved from wooster.edu (by July 1) and wiki.wooster.edu by the end of the semester.

The sites in the sidebar are the sites that have been migrated to date or are in process.