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  • Draw Naturally with the Trackpad

    In the newest update to the Microsoft software for Mac, you can now draw with the trackpad. Whether you need to sign a document or you want to highlight a particular section in your student’s document, this new function allows another option for digital inking. For more information, visit: What’s new for Office Insiders

  • Listen Notes

    Need a podcast for class demonstration? Or maybe you would like your students to engage with a topic via audio? Then check out Listen Notes. Listen Notes is a search engine just devoted to podcasts. It combs the web and finds that elusive podcast that Google just can’t seem to pull up in their results.…

  • XR Portal: Seeing Things from a New Perspective

    Screenshot of XR search engine landing page

    XR Portal is a library of simulations and 360 videos for educators to use in their classrooms. Their database primarily contains content that is consumable with either a VR headset or VR Glasses (like the Pocket 360). Since most of their content is 360 degree videos, it is viewable on a computer with the user…

  • Museums in AR/VR: Google Arts & Culture

    A woman smiling while wearing virtual reality headset

    Explore art galleries through your phone without leaving your seat or paying a dime. Using Google Street View, you can take virtual reality tours with your phone and Google Cardboard or Pocket 360 (also known as smartphone VR headsets). Tours appear in a 360 degree photo format with points of interest for viewers to read…

  • Virtual Reality: More than Just a Headset

    image of oculus VR headset

    Virtual reality headsets have made many experiences possible for viewers including touring the International Space Station, exploring scenes from around the world, and getting up close and personal with molecules. Even here at The College of Wooster, faculty and students have been experimenting with virtual reality to solve problems, transform educational environments, build museums, and…

  • The Chicago Colloquium on Digital Humanities and Computer Science 2018 at Loyola University Chicago

    Digital Humanities and Computer Science 2018 logo

    Loyola University Chicago hosted the DHCS 2018 Conference on November 9th – 11th showcasing graduate and professional scholars in many unique projects in the Digital Humanities.  Below are a few projects that allowed me to bring back new ideas to Wooster. The Muddle Project  Loyola graduate students Taylor Brown and Rebecca Parker introduced and workshoped…

  • Webjets: Curate your Knowledge

    Webjet's logo

    Webjets is a versatile desktop or canvas that allows users to organize information intuitively. With Webjets, you can build bookmarks, collaborate, create tasks, make mindmaps, design moodboards, and develop documents. No longer will you have to worry about having so many tabs open in a browser. Webjets allows you to drag and drop anything into…

  • Unsplash free high-res photos

    person holding balloons

    Visit to browse and download from their collection of over 550,000 free (do-whatever-you-want) high-resolution photos – brought to you by the world’s most generous community of photographers. Visit their Help for Using Unsplash for topics like: Downloading Photos Crediting Photographers Contacting a photographer Collections Topics Likes

  • Clicking is Learning?

    Educational Technology’s own, Megan Smeznik, wrote an article for the National Council on Public History about the challenges and the opportunities for crafting a digital history pedagogy. She emphasizes in the article about the importance of all those invested in the information community coming together and developing a holistic pedagogy that not only promotes scholarship…

  • Technology Workshops for Students Sp18

    Student Technology Assistants are offering a series of workshops crafted specifically for students. Topics include Unity Game Development, web design, Statistics with R Studio, infographics, 3D modeling and printing, Audacity, I.S. poster and presentations and more. To view workshop details and to register, visit the links below or our Facebook page. Please bring a device to the…