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  • ChatGPT: A Student Perspective

    Technology continues to break barriers and among the upcoming trends, ChatGPT is the new technological showstopper! ChatGPT uses natural language processing to emulate human speech in response to prompts. It has a variety of features from generating stories to brainstorming ideas and answering questions. While ChatGPT is known by many through social media or heard […]

  • Spring 2023 Student Workshops

    6 workshops with software logos and dates/times

    Student Technology Assistants (STAs) are offering a series of workshops crafted mainly for students working on academic and personal digital projects but which are open to everyone. Educational Technology staff is offering Microsoft Word formatting for I.S. projects. See the workshop listings below for more details. Registration for all of our events is available on […]

  • Never Miss a Teams Announcement Again

    Microsoft Teams purple logo with white T in purple square with two purple looking figures

    Have you had weeks when you were overwhelmed with work and couldn’t pay close attention to the flood of Teams notifications coming from your classes and clubs? If yes, then read on as this tutorial will show you how to create a Microsoft Power Automate flow that will send you an email each time a […]

  • Microsoft Outlook Online


    By Aubry Miller In this post, I’ll be providing some tips on how you can optimize your experience in Microsoft Outlook.  Quick Tips  Turn On Dark Mode  1.Select Settings.  2. Click on the Dark mode switch to initiate dark mode.  Change the Display Density  1.Select Settings.  2. Choose between Full, Medium and Compact.  Create Folders  Select New Folder from the left panel on […]

  • Microsoft SharePoint

    SharePoint Logo

    By Pavithra Brahmananda Reddy Microsoft SharePoint is a software that makes collaborating with your team members easier. It was designed to increase efficiency among people working together online. You can use SharePoint by logging into your Office365 account online. Among SharePoint’s many features is the ability to integrate your data with the other Office 365 […]

  • Tutorial on Sway

    Sway Homepage

    By Jessica Israel Sway is a Microsoft app you can use to create various projects such as presentations, stories, and reports. When you first enter the sway app, you will be greeted with a homepage that says, “Welcome to Sway.” Sway presents options to either create a new project or start from a topic. You […]

  • Student Perspective on Daily Health Check Notifications

    Black Scottish Terrier wearing a mask with a yellow circle background with the word Wooster on it.

    Editor note: This post was written by Minh Phan, Class of ’24, one of Ed Tech’s Digital Media Assistants. Learn more about our Digital Media Assistants. As we continue to adapt to COVID-19 in 2021, Technology@Wooster developed a notification flow with Microsoft Power Automate to make personal health check easier. As a student, I find […]

  • Malware removal in a nutshell

    Welcome to this quick tutorial (and collection of tips) on how to remove viruses from your machine using the power of free antivirus software and google! This guide is meant to be used alongside youtube and google when attempting to remove viruses from your devices at home Downloading an antivirus software and running frequent scans. […]

  • The Threat of SIM Swapping

    Collection of SIM cards

    A lot of online services and websites offer users the ability to protect their accounts using two-factor authentication through phone text. This post will go over a way that hackers have found in order to do just that. A SIM swapping is a technique used by a cyber-criminal in order to take control of accounts […]

  • Cybersecurity Occupations

    A man in a red shirt looking at a screen. There is a lock symbol in a red bubble next to the man.

    Happy Cybersecurity Month! Since it is Cybersecurity Month, it would be great to highlight career paths that can be present in Cybersecurity. Cybersecurity has become very prevalent and in demand since technology has become ubiquitous in our society. Cybersecurity is important because it helps to protect everyone’s information. Cybercrime Magazine gives a list of 50 […]