#ICYMI: March 26, 2021

What’s in this Week’s Blog?

This week we are focusing on getting ready for the semester. Check out our topics:

Upcoming Workshops

Educational Technology will be hosting some more virtual workshops this semester. Visit the calendar page where you can either download the calendar event or click on the link to join the meeting during the schedule time.

Staff-Led Workshops

Audacity  audio editing  workshop

Stream  for video workshop

Workshop Recordings

iMovie video editing workshop

Microsoft Forms Integration workshop

Senior IS Formatting and Symposium Support

With the Virtual Symposium just right around the corner, Ed Tech is here to help with your needs. Check out our posts on Creating Video and Audio and posters to help get you started. If you need further help, book an appointment with one of our STAs.

If you know a Senior who is working on formatting their IS, help is available on our website and via consultations with our STAs. For more information, please see our Senior IS Formatting post and our STA bookings page.

Moodle Tips

This week’s Moodle tip is to use the Moodle Quiz activity. We have added some new resources such as what the review options mean for setting up a quiz for your students. Check out the resources in our Moodle Professional Development course.

What’s New in Microsoft Recap

Did you know that Microsoft is constantly rolling out features for Office 365? Here are some of the newest and upcoming features. (We do not have any control over when Microsoft releases updates.)

Want to know what the top updates to use in 2021? Well, look no further than Microsoft’s Mike Tholfsen’s video on 11 Features for Teams in 2021 (some of these are still rolling out).

Features Rolling Out

Screenshot of the shared calendars and mailboxes for Outlook
Shared Calendars and Mailboxes are now supported in the new Outlook Desktop App

Recent Video Tips to Check Out

Some recent tips videos to check out:

We will continue to add to our updates on our Microsoft Updates post.

Want to suggest something to Microsoft for an improvement? You can via their UserVoice platform. Here are a few to check out:

Educational Technology Support Videos

Did you know that Educational Technology has support videos? Check out our Ed Tech Support Videos today.

Here for You

Educational Technology and Technology Services is still working hard to bring you new updates, resources, and more! Follow this blog and social media accounts to be sure to stay up to date with the latest information.

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