Project charge and timeline


We have been tasked with developing an Intranet that is also available to the public where appropriate. This new site, “Inside,” is a companion website to the new site.

Guiding Principles

  • Content text should be in pages, not attachments​
  • Confluence and WordPress are not file stores​
  • SharePoint is our file store of record
    • SharePoint is behind every Team​
  • Forms should move to Microsoft Forms (ex: Registrar); no pdf forms unless no other option


  • Move sites from and
    • Combine the contents of sites if an office has a site on both the main website and wiki
  • Migrate files/attachments associated with a site that cannot be made into pages to a Team for each department/organization
    • Use sharing permission feature of SharePoint to limit access if needed
  • Train primary and secondary website manager on using WordPress, Sharing, and Forms


  • Move by the end of the Spring semester 2021
  • Move/combine office sites by the end of Fall semester 2021
  • Move collaborative spaces (e. g., departments, committees) to Teams by mid-October
  • Train primary and secondary website managers as sites move or as able for sites that have already moved
  • Customize colors and graphics by the end of Spring semester 2022