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  • Tax season phishing

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    It’s tax season.  It’s also a prime phishing season (and the start of real fishing season).   A few scams are circulating, including one targeting individuals with .edu email addresses.  Specifically, the IRS notes: The suspect emails display the IRS logo and use various subject lines such as “Tax Refund Payment” or “Recalculation of your tax refund payment.” It asks people to click a […]

  • GoodCycling

    Sometimes, we have a need for gently used, still supported tech equipment for a good, Wooster-mission-related purpose. We need smartphones.  With them, we can ensure every student has a mobile device that can be used to connect on campus, receive campus emergency notifications, and use College apps. If you’ve recently upgraded your device — or […]

  • Best Practices: Teams Setup

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    Here are some suggestions and tips for when you set up your Teams. Things to Consider Before Creating a Team Who do you want to collaborate with in Teams? How will you use your Team? What is the purpose of your Team? What permissions will you give your team members? Do you already have an […]

  • SPAM, Phishing and your Email

    With cybersecurity month here, we wanted to remind you that the SPAM, and Phishing are the largest attacks against individuals. To help lessen this risk, messages that appear suspicious are being placed into a quarantine at Office 365. The vast majority of messages are correctly categorized, but there are a number of false positives. If […]

  • Navigating and Understanding the New Classroom Technology

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    Information Technology made updates to many classrooms this summer. Use the links to find out information about the full list of classrooms with enhancements and the descriptions of the types of upgrades. Also check out our prepared collection of documentation and usage instructions along with a list of frequently asked questions. If you plan on […]

  • Are you ready for in-person classes?

    Faculty Watch these video walk-throughs of connecting in a fully upgraded room, a partially upgraded room, and a portable room upgrade. Read the documentation for your room type: fully upgraded room and partially upgraded room, portable room upgrade. Schedule to test out your classroom or come in and try it out before the start of […]

  • Mobile devices and certificates.

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    Recently, IT replaced the identity certificates that control network access. This required change has caused your current authentication to expire. When you return to campus you will need to onboard your mobile devices.  The best way to accomplish this is to forget “The College of Wooster” on your mobile device, connect to “Start Here” and […]

  • Classroom computers being removed Fall 2020

    To provide the most consistent and reliable experience for faculty teaching this fall, faculty will need to bring their laptops to the classroom.  Technology Services will be removing all instructors computers from classrooms the week of August 3rd.  When teaching in classrooms with cameras and microphone arrays added, you will find the standard set of […]

  • Moodle 20-21 theme and format selection process

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    Process After receiving the results of a survey of department and program chairs, Ed Tech was asked to investigate the possibility of switching learning management systems (LMSs) and changes that could be made to Moodle. Ed Tech followed the following process: we considered other LMS options suggested by faculty, we did a feature comparison with […]

  • Slow Internet @ Home?

    Here’s how to check your home Internet service and make sure you’re getting all the bandwidth you’re paying for.