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  • Designing Your Course In Moodle workshop

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    Organization  Course settings  Course image Format: weekly vs topic. All visible or one section at a time Completion tracking (Activity Completion) Formatting  labels, pages, descriptions displayed on course page indents, text editor headings Blocks Calendar Activities Office 365 connector with Moodle upload files from OneDrive calendar feature (careful of sync!) Grade Me Media Video Audio Images […]

  • New Year Workshops For Faculty and Staff 2020

    Educational Technology is offering workshops to help faculty and staff launch into the 2nd semester. Registration is appreciated and can be done so by visiting the links below. To see all of our workshops for the rest of the semester, visit our events page. Can They Access That? Tools for Improving the Accessibility of Your […]

  • Formative Feedback

    Learning Goals Differentiate methods between formative assessment needs Apply the appropriate digital technologies to meet formative assessment needs Defining feedback and formative assessment Then share to group via our Padlet What’s Padlet? Visit the Padlet features page for details. Free account has limits. Mid-term evaluations using Forms Standard Evaluation Forms (Hard-copy) available on Online Course […]

  • Microsoft Teams

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    Microsoft Teams is a digital hub that brings chat, video calls, files, and apps together in one place – all from a single experience in Microsoft 365. Any College user can create a Team. Visit our Teams Types post to compare features in the various Team types available.. Further support Visit the Teams Basics click-through guide […]

  • Pre-semester Ed Tech Workshops for Faculty 2019

    Educational Technology is hosting pre-semester workshops for faculty on Monday, August 12 and Monday, August 19. Topics include: Moodle Tips Course management in Voices (our WordPress blogging software) Office 365 features including Groups, Stream, Class Notebook, & integration with Moodle Below are the times. Workshops will be held in Andrews Library McCoy Lab (past Special […]

  • Microsoft Teams for Blended Learning

    When prompted to identify and evaluate a tool, application or resource that supports learning in an alternative learning environment (e.g., blended, flipped, fully online, project-based learning. etc.), I have selected Microsoft Teams for Classes. Our College values face-to-face interaction and offers no classes which are strictly online. We host a Moodle instance with a course site for every credit-bearing class and offer […]

  • NCPH Digital Media Group

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    Recently, Educational Technology’s Megan Smeznik joined the National Council on Public History’s Digital Media Group as a committee member for the Digital Public Lab. Megan participated and led a workshop during the Digital Public Lab during the annual meeting for NCPH this year in Hartford, Connecticut. The Digital Media Group is responsible for keeping the […]

  • “Stories of the Future”- Garage Stories

    Saturday, April 27th from 8am to midnight storytellers, developers, artists, and other creatives interested in XR (Extended Reality or an umbrella term for Mixed, Augmented, and Virtual Reality) were brought together at Institute for the Future (IFTF) in Palo Alto, California. Garage Stories is an organization bringing people from various fields together to create and […]

  • NCPH Conference Recap

    The National Council on Public History conference took place in Hartford, Connecticut March 27-30th. The conference brings together public historians from all over to discuss, workshop, share, collaborate, and much more on challenges and opportunities within the public history field. Digital Public History Lab I feel very lucky to have facilitated a session and participated […]

  • NCPH Digital History Pedagogy Workshop

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    Agenda Introduction What is Educational Technology, digital projects, and The College of Wooster Post-it Note Activity: What is digital history pedagogy? Examples and Exploring Pedagogy Experiment Mapping: VisualEyes Timeline: Timeline JS VR/AR: YouTube 360/XR Portal and Google VR Tour Creator (demo) Questions and Wrap Up Resources Educational Technology at The College of Wooster: Google […]