Summer Housing Information

Tuition paid for board does not include Summer break periods. Students may apply for break housing during this time.

Summer housing applications are available through your Housing Self-Service.  Applications are due April 22nd.  Summer Housing will be extended to current students who will be working on campus, participating in school sponsored internships/research, or are not able to travel home for the summer.  Applying for summer housing does not guarantee that you will be approved.

Students will live in single rooms, double, or triple rooms this summer in Andrews, Armington, and Stevenson Hall.    Students will be placed in summer housing assignments according to their spring/fall housing assignments, dates of stay, and preferences. Priority will be determined by date in which your Summer Housing Application is submitted.  Students who currently live in, or will be living in for the Fall, Armington and Stevenson Hall will be placed in that space if it is available for the summer. Students seeking Housing Accommodations for the summer through the Academic Resource Center should apply by April 15th. Students living in single rooms will be billed $86 weekly for summer housing.  Students living in double and triple rooms will be billed $73 weekly for summer housing. Weeks will run Monday through Sunday.  Spaces will not be prorated if you leave before the end of the week.  You will be billed for the weeks that you occupy a space, even if they are not physically on campus during this time.  Summer Housing Fees will be billed to your student account for May 10th through June 30th on the July 10th bill, and for July 1st to August 21st on the September 10th bill.

These prices do not include a meal plan. A summer meal plan is not required, but if you choose to purchase one, it will be flex only. This will allow for the purchase of C-store items as well as meals.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Residence  Life Office