Summer and Winter Break Housing Information

Tuition paid for board does not include Winter and Summer break periods. Students may apply for break housing during these periods. Typically, only a select number of halls will remain open during Winter Break. Students are expected to work with others in the on-campus community to secure housing and complete the online forms provided on the Residence Life webpage. 

Winter Break 2021-2022 Information

At the end of Fall Semester, students are required to leave 24 hours after their last final or by 10am on Friday, December 17th.  Halls and Houses will open again on Saturday, January 15th at 10am.  Any student who needs to be on campus after the Residence Halls and Houses close or before they re-open will need to fill out a Winter Break Housing Application by Wednesday, December 1st.  Applications can be found on your Housing Self-Service site under Applications.  Forms filled out after the December 1st deadline may receive a late fee charge of $25 and/or have delayed access to their Winter Break assignment.

Due to limited staffing and the holiday shutdown, there will be 5 Residence Halls open during Winter Break for students to live in: Andrews, Armington, Babcock, Holden, and Wagner Halls.  Any student who does not live in one of these buildings during the school year will need to receive permission from all the residents of the room in a Winter Break Building to stay in the room during the break.  All the residents of the room will need to complete the Winter Break Temporary Housing Permission Form (also located under Applications on your Housing Self-Service page) by the December 1st deadline in order for you to receive access to their room during the break. All houses will be closed during the break. 

Unless the student is required to be here to participate in a College sponsored activity (athletics, mandatory training, etc.), they will be charged $11/night for the time that they are on campus.  This nightly fee does not include meals.  If a student is here for a required activity, the Coach or activity leader should contact the Residence Life Office to let them know of the approved dates and roster.  Students will still need to fill out the Winter Break Housing form regardless of why they are here.  

It is the student’s responsibility to secure permission from Residence Life to arrive early or depart later than stated dates of the agreement, or to remain in designated residential facilities during periods when halls are closed. If students are found responsible for violating College Policies or the law during break periods, they may be asked to leave housing until the day before classes resume.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Residence  Life Office

Summer Break Housing

More Information will be available for Winter Break Housing Information by March 2022.