Maintenance, Heating, and Cooling

Our Service Center is here to help provide a positive experience on campus.

Work Orders

If you are having issues with college provided furniture or appliances in your rooms, place a work order with the Service Center. (requires Wooster login)

If you are off campus but would like to place a work order, please contact the Service Center at 330-263-2135 from Monday-Friday 7:30am-4:00 pm.

If you have an emergency issue after hours, please contact Security and Protective Services at (330) 263-2590 for further assistance.


Get the Facts:

  • Heat does not come on in steam/hot water radiant systems until the outdoor temp falls below 55.
  • If you live in Brush Hall, keep your window closed so the heat stays on!
  • Normal room temps during winter months should be between 68-72.
  • If your thermostat is covered, you will not get the heat you desire.
  • Turn control knob on heaters counter-clockwise to turn on & clockwise to shut off.
  • Air Conditioning does not turn on if  outside temps are below 65.

The heat is generally brought on when the outside temperature reaches 55 degrees. During extended 55-68 degree periods, some buildings may cool down more than we would like. Our Building Automation System constantly reads and records the outside temperature.

To help the Service Center regulate building temperatures:

  • Keep items away from any heating/cooling units to prevent your items from damage.
  • Work with your roommate – communicate with each other when you adjust the thermometer or valve.
  • Close your window and give the room adequate time to warm up.

Douglass, Bissman, Kenarden, Holden, and Bornhuetter are heated by steam or hot water. Each room has a radiator valve that students can adjust. 

In Andrews, Armington, Babcock, Brush, Gault Schoolhouse, Gault Manor, and Stevenson rooms there are thermostats on the wall to adjust the temperature.

Compton, Luce and Wagner temperatures are centrally controlled at the Service Center. Building temperatures are based on the average temperature of each floor. The Service Center works to maintain consistent temperatures between floors as closely as possible.

All campus houses have their own heating source and are equipped with a thermostat (typically) located in the living room.

Should you find that your room is still not adequately warm, window kits are available at the Residence Life Office. Window kits include a plastic covering and tape. Follow the directions in the window kit for proper installation.

For building heat issues, please contact the Service Center.


Several residential facilities are equipped with different cooling systems. Andrews, Armington, Babcock, Bornhuetter, Brush, Gault Manor, Gault Schoolhouse, Luce, and Stevenson are the current facilities that offer air conditioning.

If the outside temperature is below 72*, the air conditioning units should automatically shut off. Likewise, if the temperature is above 72* the air conditioning units should be in proper working order.

Should you find that the cooling system in your room is not working properly please contact the Service Center.