Gender Inclusive Housing Policy

Residence halls, including the bathrooms, should be spaces where everyone feels comfortable and safe. Because of the diversity of its student body, The Office of Residence Life has implemented a housing policy that is flexible enough to meet the needs of all students, be that a single-gender room or a gender inclusive room.


Gender Inclusive housing will be available in all upper-class halls and houses. Gender Inclusive housing means that anyone can live in a room with anyone else, regardless of their gender identity. This will be implemented in a way that is consistent with student preferences and comfort level. Gendered floors and bathrooms will be available in all buildings where there is a single restroom on a floor. Students will know when they choose a room, the designation of the bathroom on the floor.


Residence Life matches roommates based on gender identity and not sex assigned at birth. We will use Identified Gender reported by the student on their housing application or in information provided by the Dean of Students Office when placing students. This information will be kept confidential, used to assign your roommate, and will be up to the student to disclose.


Bathrooms will be designated prior to Housing Selection so that students can choose rooms based on the bathroom they would like to use. Concerns about bathroom designation after Housing Selection should be brought to the Residence Life and will be re-evaluated.

Incoming students

In the case of housing for incoming students, they will be asked if they have a preference about the gender identity of their roommate. Students will also be asked if they have a preference of living on a single-gender or all-gender floor. These preferences will be honored to the best of our ability. In some cases, you will be contacted for more information, usually through e-mail or a phone call.