All Gender Housing Community


The mission of All-Gender Housing is to provide a safe and supportive community for people of all genders.

This program is dedicated to comfort, camaraderie, security, education, and empowerment. Anyone who is more comfortable living in an all-gender space is welcome and will be treated with respect to their personhood, identity, and privacy.

The space is queer-focused, but not queer-exclusive. Residents are encouraged to attend SGI trainings throughout the semester but are not required.

The location of All-Gender Housing changes based on hall configurations each year and is decided in collaboration with students, Residence Life, and Sexuality & Gender Inclusion.

In addition to All-Gender Housing, Wooster has a Gender Inclusive Housing Policy. This policy allows students to choose to live in a room with anyone else, regardless of their gender identity. This policy is implemented in a way that is consistent with student preferences and comfort levels, while also allowing students to know the restrooms available on the floor before they choose their room. For more information, view the Gender Inclusive Housing Policy.

Staffing and Programming:

All-Gender Housing is staffed by RAs for the floor that are intentionally selected for the space and program. These RAs typically request to be with the All-Gender Housing program but if needed, RAs can be assigned to the space. RAs that need an all-gender bathroom or are uncomfortable in general housing spaces because of their gender could be given preference as a way to best address their needs. Preference isn’t given to RAs that hold LGBTQ+ identities.

RAs in All-Gender Housing are required to attend the introductory level of Safe Space training, which can be a part of their general RA training. They are also encouraged to attend the 200 level trainings offered throughout the year, but it is not a requirement.

As part of the larger RA programming requirements, the RAs in All-Gender are required to do one of their events each semester in conjunction with the Office of Sexuality and Gender Inclusion. These events are planned by the RAs cooperatively with SGI and are tailored to the needs and interests of the residents in All-Gender Housing.

Student Applications:

Residents apply to a part of All-Gender Housing when they apply to live on campus. In the application, residents will need to provide a statement on why they would like to live in All-Gender Housing along with any other standard housing application information.  The application is available for students who have completed the Housing Agreement at Housing Self-Service.

Housing Agreements: Due February 1, 2024

All Gender Housing Application: Due February 5, 2024

Residents can apply as roommates, but both need to complete the application and their applications will be considered separately.

Student selection is primarily based on space availability and student comfort.  Residents apply to be placed in all-gender housing via an online form in the housing processes.  Applications are vetted by the Offices of Residence Life and Sexuality and Gender Inclusion, with criteria including student needs around safety and comfort, desire to live in a community outside the gender binary or heteronormative social norms, other similar needs.

Once residents are selected to live in All-Gender Housing, a specific housing process is opened up for these students to select their individual rooms. At this point, any paired roommates will have the option to live together. First-year students in All-Gender Housing do not get to select their room or roommate, rather they are assigned based on their housing preferences in the same way as the rest of first-year students. Any unfilled beds are returned to the general selection process.

Learn more about applying for the All Gender Housing Community.