Early Arrival

Early Arrival is for any student approved to come to campus prior to assigned fall dates. This includes approved fall student athletes, student groups, student workers, move-in volunteers, and individuals approved via request.

Approved Student Athletes, Groups, and Employees

Individuals who are needing to arrive to campus for specific tasks related to the opening of the College of Wooster should connect with their supervisor, director, or coach to confirm their approved date of arrival. Students approved for Early Arrival through a group do not need to fill out the Early Arrival Request form. Group leaders must submit the list of individuals needing to arrive early to the Residence Life Office. Approved Early Arrivals will receive a confirmation email with instructions around August 1st.

Move In Volunteers

Students who volunteer for first year student move-in agree to:

  • Arrive to campus on Friday, August 19th, 2022 between 8:00am-5:00pm
  • Attend Volunteer Training Friday, August 19th, 2022 at 6:00pm
  • Attend their assigned shift and check in with staff

Students who volunteer will receive:

  • Early access to their fall assignments
  • No charges for arriving early to campus
  • Move-in T-shirts and water during their shifts
  • The gratitude of the entire Residence Life and Dean of Students Staff

If you are wanting to volunteer, please click here! Individuals who are looking to sign up for being a move-in volunteer must sign up by Friday August 12th, 2022.

Early Arrival Request

Students looking to arrive early to campus and are not part of an approved athletic group, student organization, or student worker must submit a request via Housing Self Service. Early Arrival Requests will not be accepted after August 12th, 2022. Please read through the Early Arrival Agreement for more information.