Program Houses

Selection Process for Campus Houses

The Office of Residence Life is working with the Director of Experiential Learning and Civic Engagement to work towards the following goals when it comes to the campus house experience: ensure that those that are living in the houses are having an engaging educational experience that is incorporating best practices, and that those living there are committed to the house for the right reasons; the community partners feel like they are being honored and respected and that we don’t leave them hanging at the end of the year if a house “disappears”; and anyone who wants this type of experience has the opportunity to apply and there are equitable opportunities for all students. With those goals in mind, here is information about the Campus House Selection Process:

  • No new community partners or campus programs.
  • The Experiential Learning and Civic Engagement office will reach out to existing partners to see if they want/are able to continue and find out what their ideal number of participants is.
  • To ensure equitable access to these houses, individuals will no longer apply as a group, but will apply as an individual or with a roommate.
  • Those applying as an individual could be placed with a roommate. There are no guaranteed singles.
  • Those applying with a roommate would not be accepted without their roommate also being accepted (package deal).
  • Once you are in a house, you can stay for as many years as you like without interviewing again, as long as the community partner continues in the program, you have met the service hour requirements, and you pass the yearly conduct/background check.

Service House Applications can be found on the Housing Self-Service portal.  Campus Program House Applications will be sent to the leadership for approved Campus Program Houses. 

House and Apartment Guidebook

Charter Houses

Women of Images: Women of Images is an organization that is determined to help women of color grow, uplift each other, and achieve success. These goals are achieved through the affirmation of the inherent beauty of all women of color as well as the education, leadership, and mentorship of first-year students. The Women of Images House, Colonial House, and organization both strive to empower minority members of our campus and community, and we are unyielding in our determination to assert the validity of our culture and heritage. Through living in the house and being a member of the organization, women of color on campus are given the opportunity to interact, bond, and learn from many other minority students at the College of Wooster. One of our program house’s main purposes is to serve as a support system for the incoming and current women of color on campus. In this program, new members have the opportunity to learn from active members about the many adjustments needed in the transition from high school to college, as well as what it means to be a woman of color in America today. Our organization also furthers cultural awareness on the college campus and in the Wooster community. First-year students will participate in assorted Women of Images traditions and events that serve to increase campus awareness of the contributions made to America by women of color. The mission of Women of Images is to provide a safe space for women of color as well as Women of Images members on campus, while simultaneously fostering a healthy learning environment about what it means to be a woman of color in America.

Charter houses are historic programs with strong ties to BIPOC student constituencies, like The Men of Harambee and Women of Images.