Off-Campus Study Housing

To assist students in obtaining housing for their return to on-campus housing. We offer the following information in response to frequently asked questions. Only those students who are studying on-campus are permitted to hold housing assignments at The College of Wooster. Therefore, once your acceptance to study off-campus is confirmed, we will not hold a space for you in ANY on-campus housing facility for the semester(s) you are gone.

Students who will be off-campus for fall semester

All students planning to be gone Fall Semester, will be sent a Housing Interest Survey during fall semester. These materials will assist the staff in the Office of Residence Life in your housing placement. We cannot guarantee any specific housing assignment, although we will make every effort to accommodate your request. Spring housing assignments are not confirmed until Winter Break.

If your off-campus study acceptance has been confirmed

Any student whose name appears on the list of students who plan to study off-campus for fall semester, provided by Off-Campus Studies, are not eligible to participate in the housing selection process that occurs during the spring semester for the next academic year. You are not eligible to participate in the housing selection process and may not be considered as a roommate for any on campus student. It is your responsibility to communicate this information to any potential roommate(s), as the Office of Residence Life typically does not receive study abroad lists until later in the spring semester for the upcoming academic year. However, if you are planning to return during the spring semester and would like to serve as an alternate for students who are planning to be gone in the spring, you may be listed on a roster for a theme housing program if specifically noted as such.

If your off-campus acceptance has not been confirmed

You may participate in the room selection process. However, you must notify the Office of Residence Life that you wish to participate as soon as possible. If after you have selected an assignment, your name appears on the list of students whose acceptance has been confirmed, provided by Off-Campus Studies, we will remove you from that assignment. That space will be reassigned to another student. Please inform your roommate that once you are removed from the housing assignment, as another student may likely be assigned to that space. If after this point, your plans change, and you decide not to participate in the off-campus study program, you must contact the Office of Residence Life immediately to secure housing. You will be able to select from the housing spaces that are available at that time.

Students who will be off-campus for spring semester & fall and spring semester

Students planning to be gone during Spring Semester and plan to return for the next academic year will only need to designate a proxy if they are participating in the WVN or Program House Selection process. All other processes can be completed from abroad. To designate a proxy, please complete the online proxy form. Please be certain that your proxy clearly understands your preferences and will be reliable and available. If at any time your proxy is unable to continue as such, you must designate another student to serve in this role. If you are unable to access the internet while abroad, please contact the Residence Life Office (330-263-2498).

Special Housing Options

If you wish to apply to any of the special housing options (i.e. Program Houses, Greek Housing, etc.), you may complete an application before you leave campus. These applications may be due in January and/or February and late applications may prevent you from consideration. You may access the applications online.

For further information or to schedule an appointment with the Office of Residence Life.