Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a digital hub that brings chat, video calls, files, and apps together in one place – all from a single experience in Microsoft 365.

Any College user can create a Team. Visit our Teams Types post to compare features in the various Team types available..

Further support

Class Teams

  • A Class Team has been automatically created for every College course section.
  • A Class Team includes unique features for faculty and students such as assignments and a OneNote Class Notebook.
  • See our post on Class Teams for more details.

Teams Meetings – Video Calls

  • Visit our Microsoft Teams Meetings post for details on using live calls for meetings including video, chat, screen sharing, and file sharing.
  • Users do not need to be a member of an official Team in order to schedule, create, or join a call.

Team features

FeaturePossible Solutions
Accessing TeamsSee Accessing Teams below or page 7 of our documentation
Creating a TeamSee Microsoft’s support to create a Team, customize your Team’s settings, and add or remove members.
Managing your TeamTeam members cannot delete a Team, but they can hide an unused Team.
Team owners can change the Team name, icon, etc.
Faculty cannot delete unwanted Class Teams created from courses, but the Team name/description can be changed to communicate.
Using ChannelsSee Microsoft’s support for creating channels, showing/hiding channels, and working in a channel and details on standard or private channels (You cannot schedule a meeting or record a meeting in a private channel. You cannot ‘switch’ a channel from private to public or vice versa).
See this handout on hiding/showing channels.
Sharing filesSee Microsoft’s support for sharing a file in a chat or to the Files section of a channel. Easily revisit files in the Files tab of Teams and manage files in the Team’s SharePoint site.
You can move or copy files from one Team to another.
Chat messagesOne-on-one or group chats happen in the Chats tab. Chats can also happen in the Posts tab of any Team channel. See Microsoft’s support for more details on Chat. See this handout on managing chat permissions in a Team.
Learn about managing your notifications.
Use the mobile app to send voice recordings to chat.
CallsStart a 1:1 or group chat and make a call to talk. See Microsoft’s support for starting a chat and making a call and page 21 of our documentation.
MeetingsVisit our Microsoft Teams Meetings post for details on using live video calls for meetings.
Create Breakout RoomsSee How to Create Virtual Breakout Groups in Teams.
Live EventsSee our Microsoft Teams Live Events post for details on enabling producers and presenters to broadcast video and meeting content to a large online audience of attendees.

Accessing Teams